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Slide Milling - Optic Cut

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Select Optic Cut options for your Pistol Slide.  Make your selections above, by selecting all of the options you want and need.  Please note that only certain optic cuts are available on certain slides, with certain configurations.  The model slides are listed here, if you dont see your model slide, please ask us before placing the order to make sure we can do it.  Prices are for milling only unless cerakote is added. If you want to include new sights with your slide, please do so in one package, and we will mount them for free.  If this is all youre doing, please just send the slide.  There is no reason to include the frame or entire gun in the mail.  The padded shipping price at checkout is for the slide only.

If you are wanting the slide re-finished in anything besides a solid color, then please add the Cerakote Slide Product to your order.  If a solid color is selected here, For discounted cerakote to be honored, the slide must be completely disassembled.  Please note your color in the order comments at checkout.  If no cerakote option is added to your order, the slide will be returned in the condition it leaves the mill.

Standard Optic Cut: No added rear sight dovetail.  Only available on certain slide/optic combo.

RS Optic Cut: The optic will be milled overtop of the factory rear sight and a new glock profile dovetail will be cut in front or behind of the optic.  "RS Front" will cut the new glock profile rear sight dovetail in front of the optic. "RS Rear" will cut the new glock profile rear sight dovetail behind the optic.  This is required on certain configurations due to fit and safety, so please read all models below.

Glock: Cut .150" deep with locating tabs.  Cannot do 42 and 44.  Glock 43/43x/48 with RMRCC, you have to have it placed over the rear sight location.  If you select the standard RMRCC cut it will be milled over the rear sight and not have a new dovetail cut. The RS Cut will have a new dovetail cut in front of the optic. Glock 17/19/20/21/22/23/29/30/34/35 etc Vortex Venom, Burris FF3, Leupold DPP must be "RS" cut due to safety plunger. 

CZ P10: Cut .140" deep with locating tabs.  No Aimpoint ACRO, Holosun 507K, 509T.  These cuts require the RS Cut and use of a rear Glock sight and CZ Front.  Glock rear sight dovetail will be cut either behind the optic or in front depending on your RS Cut selection. 

S&W M&P: Cut .150" deep with locating tabs.  No Aimpoint ACRO, 509T.  Full Size, Compact, and Shield.  Cannot do any cuts on slides with Loaded Chamber Indicators like the EZ Slides. These cuts require an RS Cut and use of a rear Glock sight and M&P Front.  Certian models require the Glock rear sight dovetail to be cut in the rear, forward is not avaiable.

SIG P320: Cut .150" deep with locating tabs.  No Holosun 509T, Aimpoint ACRO.  Vortex Venom/BFF requires RS Cut Front.  

SIG P365: Cut .140" deep with locating tabs.  Cut only for Holosun 507K or Shield RMSC. 

SIG 226/227: Cut .140" deep with locating tabs if applicable.  Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507C only. RS Cut not available. This standard cut requires a sealing plate to provide a stop for the drop safety spring. Since the drop safety plunger will be visible after the optic cut, this will help add a backstop for the spring.  No effects on safety function were found. Please send this slide fully assembled so we can verify function for you.

HK VP9/VP9sk:  Cut .140" deep with locating tabs.  RS Cut not available. No ACRO No 509T

3 Reviews

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    Glock 26 slide cut for Holosun 509t

    Posted by P.Santos on Dec 15th 2021

    Words can’t explain how happy I am with the work done. The slide was cut perfectly so all I had to do was mount the 509t. There was no need for an adapter plate. They also cerakoted the slide afterwards and it was beautiful. Got it zeroed in today with no problem.

  • 4
    Optic cut and Coating

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 19th 2021

    Website estimated this will take 2-5 weeks but took longer. Work looks good so I have to give it a 4.

  • 4
    Slide milling for optic on mp shield plus

    Posted by Javier Ramos on Aug 11th 2021

    The milling was done perfect, and red dot fits perfect. Only issue was that the given lead time was estimated 2-5 weeks and ended up being 8 weeks. It's understandable that businesses get busy but a simple update call/email on a time delay would be appreciated in order to not feel as if my slide was forgotten about, and having to give a call. Besides that, will definitely return for future business.