Was We Plead The 2nd, is now Pro 2 Customs !

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ATF 2021R-05F

Posted by Team Pro2C on Aug 24th 2022

A short update since the new ruling regulating the Privately Made Firearms, or (PMF's) goes into effect today.  We can no longer work on 80% lowers or completed 80s unless they have manufacture m …

Kydex Options

Posted by Bryan on Aug 17th 2022

We added all of the Kydex Color options and Belt Attachment examples that we offer, all in one page to help you compare.  Follow the link HERE or find it tagged in the information on ev …

Sorry for the mess

Jul 2nd 2022

Finally making that final push of the brand change, domain and website swapAs you can tell, the website isn't 100% and were still figuring a few things out.  All the functionality of the site is …