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About Us

We are excited to announce new branding for team We Plead The 2nd and WPT2.  "Pro 2 Customs" delivers a new exciting look and name for all of us here.  Other than that, nothing here has changed.  Same crew, same ownership, and same great quality services.  The name change gave us a better identity in what we do here, offering custom services to the 2A community and others.  Getting more into industrial coatings, automotive and high temp coatings, fabrication, power coating.  The name We Plead The 2nd pigeon holed us into only doing firearm coatings, so a refresh was needed.

Pro 2 Customs / We Plead The 2nd .:. 1730 W. 10th Place, Suite 6, Tempe, AZ 85281.  

Our customer shop hours are between 10:00AM - 6:00PM AZ Time, Tuesday - Friday, and 10:00AM - 2:00PM most Saturday's.  There are no public hours Sundays and Mondays.  Availablity and customer hours on Saturday's also Vary due to events we host/attend outside of shop, its best to call first or follow us on social media!

07 FFL# 9-86-08551   02 SOT 

We do NOT accept firearm transfers or firearm sales from other dealers.  The rare chance for sales will come from one of our in-house builds or special occasions where we are doing work to the gun when it gets here.  Firearms transfers sent in from FFL's without a special order to go with it, will be returned. We specialize in custom work, and do not feel general transfers is worth taking time away from the things were good at.  Get in contact with us before initiating a dealer transfer to avoid delays and cancellations. 

We specialize in Cerakote applications for firearms and industrial markets, being among the few Factory Certified Applicators out there.  We offer and have become quite known for our Build-to-Order Kydex Holsters.  Hand made quality holsters, you can see and feel the difference when you wear and use them. Lifetime warranty, built for you, to last.    We also do custom grip and stipple work and other custom weapon enhancements.  Help with custom AR15 and rifle builds, Product Reviews and testing, and public range days.  We appreciate your business.  

Get to know the team 

Bryan - Certified Cerakote Applicator, Product R&D, Creative Director, Fabricator, Owner

Bryan's formal eduction and passion is in art.  He graduated ASU in 2012 with a bachelors in Architecture, which he worked in that field for about 6 years before starting WPT2, or now Pro 2 Customs.  Always being a gun enthusiast, and more recently a competitive shooter; starting this company allowed him to bring artistic vision and customizations to the firearms industry.  His major work load is the Cerakote and the art side of our business, ever since he trained our staff on taking over the crafting and development of our kydex products.  He was NIC factory cerakote certified in May 2017.  He doesnt like phone calls.  Emails are best, since they go to his phone anyway.

Tyrone - Shop Manager and Holster Division Lead

Tyrone came to us in 2015 as a part-time help around the shop, and quickly grew in his manager and technical skills to take over the holster side of our business.  His customer service skills are what makes him a vital asset to our team, and our day-to-day operations, making sure every customer who calls or stops by gets taken care of.  Since Bryan lives in the paint booth now it seems, you're most likely to catch Tyrone when you call or stop by.

Andre - Cerakote Applicator and Motorsports Division Lead

Hes new.  We'll write something about him later.

Viktor - Sales and Marketing

Viktor brings over a decade of small-business experience to WPT2, now Pro 2 Customs, having been involved in a number of other startups in the tech, financial, and medical fields. He looks to bring our Cerakote, holster, and stippling services direct to manufacturers and distributors and to work with them on marketing strategies.

Lea - Social Media and Networking

Lea is a full-time nurse who accidentally burst onto the 2A social media scene. A previous long-time customer of WPT2, she now helps us with our social media and industry networking. As a shooting enthusiast, her weekends are perfect for demonstrating WPT2, now Pro 2 Custom's vast customization services and holster products, and starting conversations with the pro-2A public about what our company can do for them.

Instagram: Leaspeed6. 


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