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Slide Milling - Front Serrations Laser

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Estimated 1-2 weeks on laser cuts.

Select front serration options for your Glock Slide.  Make your selections above, by selecting all of the options you want.  Please note that only certain options are available on some slide models, with certain configurations.  Prices are for serrations only.

If you are wanting the slide re-finished, then please add the Cerakote Pistol Slide Product to your order, or notate the serrations on your Cerakote Order Form.  Otherwise the slide will be returned in the condition it leaves the laser and be prone to rust.

Laser Front Serrations:  A deeper, detailed and more tactile textured option vs the standard milled cuts done by our laser engraver.  This leaves a unique sand paper like finish inside the serrations while offering clean squared off shapes not possible with milling.  Available in vertical or forward angled. Slide roll marks will be retained unless noted.  

For something custom, please email us for a quote.  (its a laser, it can do a lot of things)