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  • KP15 Compliance Grip Fin Kydex

    KP-15 CommieFin

    Compliance featureless Fin exclusivley designed for the Ke Arms KP-15 Receivers.  Avaiable in .08" Black, FDE, or OD Green. Other solid colors can be requested. This should go without saying, but i know we'll get a few idiots, this is just for the...

  • IWB Appendix Clip

    Injection Molded Appendix Strut Clip used on our A-IWB Kydex Holsters we make.  Fits up to 1.75" Belts.  Holes are 1/2" Spaced

  • IWB Rapid Clip

    Injection Molded Rapid Clip used on our IWB Kydex Holsters, and Single Magazine Kydex Holsters we make.  Available in 2 belt sizes.

  • OWB PAN Rebuild Kit

    Typical Belt Loop Replacement Parts for OWB PANCAKE Kydex Holsters we build. (4) #8x32 Short Posts and Short Machine Head Screws

  • IWB or OWB Rebuild Kit

    Typical Replacement Parts for the IWB and OWB, and Single Magazine type Kydex Holsters we build. (2) #8x32 Short Posts and Short Truss Head Screws (2) #8x32 Long Posts and Long Truss Head Screws (2) 1/2" Rubber Spacers for Adjustable Retention

6 of 6 Items