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FFL Info

Below is instructions to acquire our Federal Firearms License.  This is required to ship a firearm or frame/receiver to us.  Only send us a firearm after you have placed an order or at the very least inquired with one of our staff on placing an order.  If you're placing an order for a Kydex Holster, please be sure to select "Custom - Mail In" as your gun of choice, and put the make, model, and serial in the order comments at checkout, so we know this order is waiting for a firearm and which one.  For Cerakote and Stippling, fill in the appropriate fields with your gun's info so we can better sort which firearms go with which orders.
At this time we are NOT accepting general FFL transfers or firearm sales, with the rare exception of customers that we have discussed getting services done to the firearm when it gets here, in which case we will handle the transfer at no extra charge to you, for services over $150.  If you’re placing a web order for the services and do not know the serial number yet for the order form, just put TRANSFER. 
To avoid fraudulent activity weve been made aware of, it is key you follow these steps when shipping something to us.  Send us your firearm ONLY to the address listed on our FFL, 1724 W 10th Place, Suite 8, Tempe, AZ 85281, with a copy of the FFL license AND your order, or at the very least your order number in the box.  If anyone asks you to ship it to an address or location different than whats on our FFL, that is fraud, no questions about it.  We have one location, the one on our license. Handguns must go UPS or FedEx Air.  Long guns or stripped/incomplete firearms can go any insured method convenient for you.  If you're getting a firearm sent to us from another FFL dealer, they will ask you for a copy of our FFL license.  Please have them put your name and contact information in the box, so we know who the firearm belongs to.
- Because of fraudulent and abusive use, our license is no longer downloadable from our site.  You must request it via email at -