Re-brand from We Plead The 2nd, we are now Pro 2 Customs !

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Let's answer some popular questions to hopefully help you out.

General Pro2  

Q: Do you offer a warranty?

A: Of course we stand by our craft.  Check HERE for that up-to-date info

Q: What is the lead time of my project?

A: Our favorite question.  Check HERE for the most up-to-date lead time estimates.

Q: How do I ship my parts to you for my order?

A: Easy, we have a page for that.  Follow the instructions on the SHIPPING PAGE

Q: Where are you located?

A: 1724 W 10th Place, Suite 8, Tempe, AZ 85281.  Being tucked back in a commercial district, we recommend using your favorite smart phone map app to get you there.  

Q: Are you open to the public?

A: Of course.  We do a lot of services, way too many to list here on the website.  If youre local to us, we always push for you to come visit the shop and place your order there.  Our hours are listed on the location page, as well as all smart phone map app's.

Q: What is the preferred way of bringing a firearm in for service?

A: Good place to start is unloaded.  Pistols should have slide locked back with an empty magazine well.  Rifles should have the bolt locked back with no magazine inserted.  If you can bring them that way in a case or bag, that helps keep the neighbors at bay, but not a deal breaker.


Q: Is cerakote durable?

A: As vague of a question as that is, we get it a lot.  Like any spray on finish, it's as durable as the application.  All projects get a vigorous prep process to ensure it's applied to factory specs.  When applied correctly, cerakote out performs all common coatings including black oxide and parkerizing by thee times, making it an industry leading finish surpassing ASTM D4060 standards for scratch resistance.  For other related tests like chemical resistance, rust prevention, and more, check out cerakote for their write ups

Q: What can you cerakote?

A: Generally, we can coat anything besides rubber / rubberized polymer.  It is more durable on metal substrates due to the cure temperature we can take it to, but it works very well on polymers, carbon fiber, fiberglass, glass and even wood. 

Q: How thick is it?

A: We strive to spray H Series at 1 mil thick, which is the factory recommended thickness.  Depending on the part, we will only spray whats needed to achieve color saturation, so we dont affect the parts function or tolerances.  In most cases this will not affect threads or moving parts, making cerakote a perfect option for firearms. 

Q: The cerakote page looks confusing, is there an easier way to get parts coated?

A: Yes.  The cerakote product page rolled over from our old website, and only covers a few simple parts to coat, so that is more for customers only getting a slide done, or a simple AR set, etc.  For larger or custom projects, like most are, you can send in your parts with a completed order form, and we will bill you when complete.  Go HERE for that information. 

Kydex Holsters 

Q: What is Kydex?

A: Kydex is the thin thermoplastic we use to make your holster.  Its unique ability to form around fine details and stay put make it perfect for holsters.

Q: Can you make a holster for any gun?

A: For the most part yes.  If you dont see the option under the production list, we would need your firearm in for the build.

Q: I cant find a holster for my gun because of an accessory, can you help?

A: In most cases yes.  When you get your gun in its final configuration, we can use it for the build. Because of the extremely tight fit nature of Kydex holsters, its important to get the light exactly where you want, grip module that you want, any aftermarket attachments that will change its geometry so we can make the best fit holster for you.

Q: If I get a light bearing holster, will it work without the light?

A: Usually not.  Because the light is the widest point, it becomes the retention point on the holster.  We find if something does both jobs, it's not going to be great at either, so when we make a light bearing holster, we make it work great with the light attached.