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ATF 2021R-05F

Posted by Team Pro2C on Aug 24th 2022

A short update since the new ruling regulating the Privately Made Firearms, or (PMF's) goes into effect today.  

We can no longer work on 80% lowers or completed 80s unless they have manufacture markings on them; with the exception of same-day in-person service.  If any service requested requires us to log it into inventory overnight, there are several steps that need to be taken now if it is not marked, which we will not do.

Any service requested for PMF's need to be set up ahead of time to ensure we can do the service the same business day, or at the very least you be there in-person while we engrave it with the information you want on it (Make, Model, Serial, Caliber) so we can log it in our gunsmith log like any other firearm.   If this is not done or same day service cant be coordinated, and you drop it off anyway, or can't pick it up that day, we will be destroying the receiver/frame in accordance with ATF guidance by close of business.   This will be the only warning.  

This is to avoid the additional rules that FFL's need to take when working on privately or personal made firearms that we flat out don't want to do.  This requires in summary we serialize it, categorize it, log it, and dispose of it to you with a 4473 Transfer form and background check.  We feel this is an infringement on your rights and will not be participating in it, while still conducting business within the law.  If the ruling happens to change we will update our position on it. 

In short, if we're working on one for you, have a serial and info picked out, be here in person while we engrave it, then we can log it in with that info for service.  If that is not something you're willing to do or ready to do, please do not seek our services.