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PKM 100 Round Ammo Can - "Spam Can"

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Limited run

PKM 100 Round Assault Ammo Can 7.62x54R.  Hungarian sourced, new un-issued condition PKM Assault Ammo Cans we stripped down and cerakoted in our popular "Spam Can" finish.  This popular theme mimics the surplus ammo spam cans or ammo crates. Done in limited runs, so only while supply lasts.  100 Round capacity so there are restrictions on where we can ship these.  These cans attach direct to the bottom of the PKM.  Optional new belt can be added.  If it allows you to add to cart, they are in-stock and ready to ship/pick up.

Cannot ship to CA, MD, NY, CO, CT, D.C., MA, NJ, OR, VT, WA, IL or outside of USA.  Sadly they define magazines as detatchable magazines, boxes, drums, tubes, feed strips, any other devices that can hold more than XX rounds of ammunition for a firearm.