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Lead Times

All Lead Times are ESTIMATES for normal shop conditions.  Special Orders, Holidays and Promotions have a tendency to slow things up a bit.  No Lead Times are guaranteed.  The industry as a whole is extremely busy right now.  During this time, we ask if your order is within the estimated lead times posted, please resist the urge to ask for a status update.  It pulls our guys away from orders to answer questions, ironically making it only take longer.  Due to the many steps involved with completing your custom order, any status update given will be vague and general until your order is nearing its completion, where we will have a more detailed update.  We do our best updating these lead times based on order flow and shop conditions, so they are subject to change after you place your order.  Again, they are all estimates, not guarantees.


2-6 Weeks upon receiving the order.  Cerakote solid colors are considerably quicker than patterns and one-off requests. Parts that are completely disassembled are considerably quicker than jobs requiring assembly and disassembly. For solid color stripped parts, we try our best to be within a few days of receiving it, but surface prep and cleaning will also determine lead times.  If you are flexible on color, note it at checkout so we can keep things flowing.  Grip Stippling we do in batches of similar texture and frame modifications.  Optic Cuts are done with an industry partner and those lead times are out of our control.  We do our best to relay the information were given from them.

Holsters we are finding the largest hang up is material availability, but still most orders are within 1-2 weeks from placing the order.



Kydex Holsters: Average 2-5 business days from order date (if you placed your order online for pick-up, please call/email us so we can pull it, otherwise its in the mix with the rest of the online orders, so see above!) We're finding material availability to be a new issue, so if you are flexible on colors or belt hardware, have a back up plan so we can finish your project quickly. 

Cerakote: 1-6 Weeks from dropping off your project.  Disassembled Solid Color project will be 1 week turnaround.  (Cerakote orders are much faster and within lead-time when they are brought in completely disassembled)(Solid Colors vs Patterns will also determine lead time). Themes and one-off projects are usually much longer, but are always worth the wait.

Grip Stippling: Average 2 Weeks from placing order

PVD Coating: average 1 week for TiN Gold and 3-4 weeks on hybrids. 

Optic Cuts: These are done with a local industry partner and those lead times are out of our control.  We do our best to relay the information were given from them, but usually average 4 weeks.