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A-IWB Secret Agent Kydex Holster Set

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ESTIMATED 2-4 Week Build Time

Your new "Secret Agent".  Combination A-IWB and A-MAG.  FINALLY! An appendix carry kydex set up that works with all body types and carry scenarios!  Unlike the bulky and rigid rig type holsters that have the gun and magazine in one large static piece, this set allows you more freedom of where the gun and magazine sit, allows it to naturally contour with your body, dodge belt buckles and pant loops, and the best part... If your situation or wardrobe calls for it, you don't always have to have the magazine!!!!!!!  

A-IWB Kydex Holster, or Appendix Inside Waist Band.  Worn inside the pants with a belt, recommended for discrete and low profile concealed carry in the appendix position.  Adjustable Retention for a custom draw and feel.  AND A-MAG, or Appendix Magazine.  A great addition to the A-IWB holster, is this single magazine holster, designed specifically for appendix carry.  The use of the strut clip matches the A-IWB holsters so they can offset the belt buckle and be worn together, or apart.  For light bearing options, you can build the holster and magazine seperatly, it is not currently available as a bundle.

Kydex:  Visit the Kydex Options Page to view Kydex Color samples and patterns available.  All Kydex used is .08" thick.

Cant: Refers to the angle of the gun vs your belt line.  The strut clip option gives you the ability to adjust your cant from 0 - 15 degrees.  Being narrow this clip isn't the best at supporting the angle, but helps get the gun in a comfortable position.

ModWing:  The optional ModWing is a standalone piece of concealment-enhancing hardware. It allows a user’s belt to apply additional leverage by rotating the holster and the grip of the gun towards the user’s body, creating better concealment and less user “printing” of the firearm and holster.

Sweat Guard:  The sweat guard is the part of the inside of the holster that extends from above the trigger guard to the top back of the slide. The sweat guard not only protects the firearm from sweat, oils, and clothing, but some shooters find it aids in the re-holstering of the firearm.  Our standard on this style holster is a High Sweat guard, unless we feel the selected gun/option needs a lower one due to slide details, optic cuts, safeties or slide lock levels.  Because we mold our holsters with training replicas, the safely is in the fire position.

Optic / Threaded Barrel Cut: Slide mounted optics need a slimmer sweat guard, no sweat guard, and/or a lower mounted belt clip in order to fit correctly.  Threaded Barrels require the bottom of the holster to be opened more than normal to be able to pass through. Select which options you would like for your holster.  Holsters can always be modified if you decide to add an optic or longer barrel in the future.  The Threaded Barrel option DOES NOT count for an aftermarket compensator. 

Belt Clip:  For the appendix holster, we use the strut clip for the best modular and tuck-able option for carrying appendix.  It features an easy on-and-off function, very minimal footprint that is comfortable, and typically offsets belts and belt loops on your pants for better positioning.

Sending in a gun for a holster?  Check here for more info: Shipping FFL Items

** Because of the extremely tight fit of kydex holsters, some accessories or aftermarket changes to the gun, need to be brought to our attention.  Some examples include: Threaded barrels, taller front sights, non-factory magazine release, non-factory slide release, rail adaptors, etc.  These need to be brought to our attention before placing an order, to ensure we can accommodate your weapon, or make arrangements to make it work.  Failure to do so may render your holster useless **

** Check out all of the photos and other products to help you order.  Double check all of the options you selected, we know there are a lot to pick from.  There are no returns on holsters as they are custom made-to-order exactly how you order them **

Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty

1 Review

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    Nice holster

    Posted by Aidan on Mar 6th 2019

    appreciate the quality of work that goes into this product. It is comfortable and seems to be heavy duty.